See what some of our students, parents, and teachers had to say.

We started the Academy three years ago to address the needs of area students with demanding extra curricular schedules. My daughter Samantha went to Blessed Sacrament through 8th grade. Her freshman and sophomore year she attended Bishop Feehan High School in Attleboro. With traditional schooling, many of her classes had over 20 students per class with just one teacher. Samantha was also mandated to take a study hall, gym class, art, theology and other courses as electives. At Bishop Feehan she was getting lost in the big classes with a GPA of 2.6. After switching to Trax Academy, Samantha thrived, pulling all of her grades up and learning how to work independently, while getting first-hand experience in time management.

Our enrollees are able to complete a rigorous course-load through accredited programs such as University of Nebraska High School Online. This accredited program means that all courses taken by the student will be NCAA accredited and accepted at any college.

Attending the Academy allows students to select courses that they will apply in life and college. After seeing how successful Samantha did in the program, my younger daughter, Jessi, is anxiously anticipating the start of school in September, and looking forward to a fantastic academic and athletic experience.
— Rob Barletta, Owner

My son started at the Academy as a freshman in High School and loves it there. With the experienced teachers he has improved to his highest level and is still improving. If he got stuck, the advisors were always eager and knowledgeable to help him; he currently has a 3.83 cumulative average going into his Junior Year of High School.  

For anyone who likes to train for sports and is still in school, this is the best thing we have ever done. The flexible schedule has also given him the opportunity to get regular workouts in as well as more practice time with great coaches. 

It has been a wonderful experience for my son and I would recommend this to anyone. We look forward to continuing next year. He loves doing this school and being able to be on the ice a lot more, but mostly he loves how everyone is GREAT about helping in any way they can.  
— Nancy C.